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Generator of MSX125SF is L. Because it is attached to Crankcase Cover, Flywheel mounting direction is outside (Shaft tip) I will be on the side.
For this reason, heavy Flywheel's rotational weight hangs outside the tip of Crankshaft, accelerated on Engine with improved pickup · The burden on deceleration doubles.
This may cause the Generator and Flywheel to interfere, adversely affect ignition timing, or in the worst case Crankshaft may be damaged.

By setting a Ball bearing in the Stator, this product will change the Crankshaft journal part from three point support to four point support and limit the runout of Crankshaft occurring in the high rotation region of the Bore up engine.
By restricting it, runout can be suppressed and the durability of Standard Crankshaft can be increased.

Takegawa Crankshaft Support Adapter MSX / 125 Monkey / Grom 2021+

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