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■ Adopting diamond stitch with excellent design The
seat cover has a diamond stitch that enhances the design and gives the vehicle a high-class feel.
In addition, by adopting a plain design on the front and side, it emphasizes diamond stitching and enhances the custom image of the vehicle.

■ Reduced vibration and improved cushioning due to the use of a
skin with a special sponge By combining a special sponge with excellent vibration resistance and cushioning properties on the skin, both vibration reduction transmitted from the road surface and excellent cushioning properties are combined. We are
Fatigue that occurs during commuting and long touring is reduced and you can enjoy comfortable riding.

■ With our logo tag




When installing, tighten the string, but pulling it more than necessary will damage the seat cover.
Avoid exposure to organic solvents such as gasoline and thinner.
It may cause damage.
If you sit down immediately after getting wet, your clothes may get wet.
Even if the surface is dry, it may still contain moisture, so when using it immediately, remove the moisture with a towel, etc., and make sure that your clothes do not get wet.

Takegawa Cushion Seat Cover (Diamond Stitch) 125 Monkey

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