Speedometer (199km/h/Correction Range: Compared measurement to the STD Parts 50%-210%)
Maximum Speed Record
Electric Type Tachometer
Digital Step Type (Single Item: 500rpm-15000rpm)
Digital Numeric Type (Single Item: 100rpm-19900rpm)
Maximum Speed Record (It is possible to Reset.)
Odometer (Mileage)
Trip Meter (Erasable Mileage)
White LED Backlight (with 5-stages Luminance Adjustment Function)
with Fuel Warning Light Meter for MONKEY FI It is a meter which can be used by inserting it to the OEM headlight case of MONKEY/APE. You can easily install this part just by replacing it with the OEM speedometer.
It is being called "D Type" for the shape looks like the letter "D" when viewed from under the body.
D Type is recommended for customers who wish to upgrade the meters in accordance to their engine tuning.

Takegawa D Type LCD Speed & Tachometer