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By having this product on the OEM front fork, the road surface following ability and comfort will considerably improve. 
This damper adopts original structure which adds variation to the damping force characteristics when being extended or contracted.

Normal type damper for OEM front fork may use steering damper. In this case, the damper when extended or contracted will be almost stable. Since this condition is not suitable to assist the front fork, you will not be able to drive in a steady condition. SP TAKEGAWA original sub damper has been developed for the OEM front fork to give variation to the damping force during extension or contraction, to enable the best operation for OEM front fork stroke.
Rust proof and highly durable stainless steel is used for the body and the bracket.
It will give stylish appearance and enhance the customization image

Will fit CUB50,CUB70, CUB90 & Little Cub

Takegawa Damper Kit for Standard Front Fork C90

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