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 e-stage bore up kit 143cc

It is a bore-up kit that can change the displacement from normal 124cc to 143cc by changing the cylinder and piston.
By installing it together with the FI controller TYPE-e (injection controller), it realizes torqueful output characteristics different from normal.
The cylinder uses the same steel cylinder as the normal one.
Uses silver-painted
cast piston.
Bore diameter 56mm Compression ratio 11.2: 1 Stroke 57.9mm (normal)



 Sports camshaft (N-15) Decompress specification included

The sports camshaft (N-15) is a camshaft developed for entry models. Output performance is improved by the optimum profile that brings out the performance of the normal cylinder head.
The sports camshaft (N-15) will be decompressed when installed.
Genuine decompression parts cannot be assembled on the N-15.



 FI controller TYPE-e (injection controller)

By installing sports camshafts and muffler parts, the air-fuel ratio will deviate significantly from the ideal, so it is necessary to correct the fuel injection time with the FI controller.
It can be installed simply by removing and connecting the coupler of the genuine ECU.
Since the FI controller TYPE-e contains multiple data set by us according to our engine parts, you can easily select, change, and modify the setting data using a personal computer or smartphone according to the engine specifications. ..
The injection time can be adjusted up to 5000 μs for increase and 7500 μs for decrease, and can be widely used from normal displacement to bore-up vehicles.
It is equipped with a monitoring function for engine speed, engine temperature, throttle opening, and injector opening / closing rate using a personal computer or smartphone, so it can be used very conveniently when setting.

To use FI Con TYPE-e, you need a computer or smartphone that meets the conditions. If you do not prepare the conditions, you cannot use it. In addition, you need to be connected to the Internet because you need to download software and applications.
In the case of the app, you will be charged. Please note that.

Click the link button below to check the details and conditions of the FI controller TYPE-e function.
Click here for FI Con TYPE-e details page


■ Installation of e-stage bore-up kit By installing
our e-stage bore-up kit, the engine output and torque will be greatly increased, so the burden of twisting and bending on the crankshaft will increase. We recommend that you install the crankshaft support adapter at the same time to reduce the burden on the crankshaft.
The crankshaft support adapter suppresses twisting and bending by adding support with ball bearings to the end of the crankshaft flywheel side, and enhances the durability of the crankshaft.
Crankshaft support adapter for Monkey 125 (JB02) 01-10-0138

When using FI Con TYPE-e, a personal computer or smartphone that meets the conditions is required. If you do not prepare the conditions, you cannot use it. In addition, you need to be connected to the Internet because you need to download software and applications. Details
will be charged for the app. Please note that.


Takegawa E-Stage 143cc Kit 125 Monkey 2018-2020

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