STD Front Caliper Correspondence Floating disc rotor which can mount as being DIO11/PCX/MSX genuine front caliper.

Weight reduction of the rotor body and dress-up around the front
Compared to normal disc rotor, floating disc rotor can reduce the weight of the rotor body by making an adhesion parts aluminum.
Because the aluminum material of the adhesion parts of rotor hub is champagne gold anodized, it is available as a dress-up parts around the front.
- Prevention of the performance degradation due to thermal deformation
When heat occurs in the body of rotor at the time of braking, precision of the frictional surface decreases. It may cause the performance degradation of disc brake.
In the case of floating disc rotor, by cutting rotor hub off the frictional surface, thermal deformation will be minimized. It will maintain the stable brake performance.
As for the frictional surface of the floating disc rotor, a durable and rust resistant stainless steel is employed.

Takegawa Floating Disc Rotor