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By making the inner disc part made of aluminum, it is lighter than the one-piece type of the genuine rotor.
If heat is generated in the rotor body during braking, the friction surface system will deteriorate, which may cause the performance of the disc rotor to deteriorate.

In the case of a floating disc rotor, by separating the wheel hub and the friction surface, thermal deformation can be minimized and stable braking performance can be maintained.
The friction surface of the floating disc rotor is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and has excellent durability.

The wave shape scrapes out dust and water droplets adhering to the brake pads and improves braking force.
It can be used simply by replacing it with a normal disc rotor, and you can easily enjoy it without changing the caliper.
* Even if it is a target vehicle, it cannot be installed on ABS vehicles.

Inner disc part: Aluminum (gold alumite / with our logo)
Rotor part: Stainless steel

Takegawa Floating Front Disc (wave shape) MSX (NON ABS)

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