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Brembo 4P caliper mounting bracket kit for normal front disk rotor and our company's floating disk rotor. 
By installing brembo's 4P caliper, it demonstrates powerful stopping power. 
By installing the brembo 4P caliper and our company's front caliper bracket, you can increase the custom image of the undercarriage. 
The bracket cuts out aluminum material and anodized on the surface. 
Corresponds to normal front brake hose and our company's front brake mesh hose.


A separately purchased brembo 4P caliper (20-5165-68) is required. 
We do not sell it. 
You will need to change the banjo bolt. Parts purchased differ when using normal front brake hose and when using our front brake mesh hose. Please confirm the hose to be used and purchase the necessary parts at the same time.


■ When using normal front brake hose

Banjo Bolt (M10 × P1.0) (with 2 Sealing 
Washers ) 00-07-0079


■ When using our front brake mesh hose

Adapter (M10 × P1.0) (with one sealing washer) 

Takegawa Front Caliper Bracket Kit Brembo 4p Caliper MSX125

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