Engine Displacement: 50cc
Bore Diameter: 39mm (STD Similar Size)
Compression Ratio: 12.5: 1 (STD 10.0: 1)
Piston Ring 2pcs. Specification (STD 3pcs. Specification)
Weight: Piston Approximately 34.5g (STD Approximately 40.6g)
Piston Pin: Approximately 13.1g (STD Approximately 14.5g)
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Piston Ring
Piston Pin
Piston Circlip To realize high-output Engine Displacement Volume as NORMAL, while "forged High compression piston /"

For piston high compression ratio of, high combustion efficiency, thorough lightweight, low Friction Piston detail and to seek optimal Piston shape that realizes high output,.

Takegawa High Compression Piston Kit 39mm