S stage bore up kit 181cc

This is a bore-up kit that can change the displacement from normal 124cc to 181cc by changing the cylinder and piston.
By installing it at the same time as FI-con TYPE-e (injection controller), it realizes torque-full output characteristics different from normal.
The cylinder uses an all-aluminum ceramic-plated cylinder with excellent durability, airtightness, and heat dissipation.
The cylinder is equipped with an oil removal boss to the oil cooler.
M5 temperature sensor can be attached to the oil plug bolt. The cylinder temperature can be measured by using our compact LED thermometer M5 temperature sensor set.
Bore diameter 63mm Stroke 57.9mm (Normal)

Standard piston of high octane gasoline specification
Compression ratio Standard piston 11.0: 1



 Sports camshaft (N-20)

Output performance is improved by the optimal profile that maximizes the performance of the normal cylinder head.
By installing it on the normal engine, the output in the high rotation range is improved.
For the sports camshaft (N-20), remove the decompression parts from the normal camshaft and attach it to the sports camshaft for auto decompression.



 FI Con TYPE-e (Injection Controller)

Installing a sports camshaft or muffler parts will greatly deviate from the ideal air-fuel ratio, so it is necessary to correct the fuel injection time with a FI controller.
It can be installed simply by removing and connecting the coupler of the genuine ECU.
FI CON TYPE-e contains multiple data set by our company according to our engine parts, so you can easily select, change, and modify the setting data using a PC or smartphone according to the engine specifications. .
Injection time is adjusted up to 5000μs and reduced up to 7500μs. It can be used widely from normal displacement to bore-up vehicles.
It is equipped with monitoring functions of engine speed, engine temperature, throttle opening, and injector opening / closing rate using a PC or smartphone, so it can be used very conveniently when setting.

When using FI-con TYPE-e, a computer or smartphone that meets the conditions is required. If you can not prepare the conditions, you can not use. You also need to be connected to the Internet to download software and apps.
In the case of an application, it will be charged. Please be forewarned.

■ Notes■ S stage bore-up kit installation By installingour S-stage bore-up kit, the engine output and torque are greatly increased, so the burden on the crankshaft, such as twisting and bending, increases. We recommend installing a crankshaft support adapter at the same time to reduce the burden on the crankshaft.The crankshaft support adapter adds ball bearing support to the end of the crankshaft flywheel to reduce torsion and deflection, etc., and increase the durability of the crankshaft.Crankshaft support adapter for Monkey 125 (JB02) 01-10-0138When using FI-CON TYPE-e, a PC or smartphone that meets the conditions is required. If you can not prepare the conditions, you can not use. You also need to be connected to the Internet to download software and apps.In the case of an application, it will be charged. Please be forewarned.



Takegawa Hyper S stage N-20 bore up kit 181cc 125 Monkey