Lens Type: Red
■ Normal carrier - SP Wu-River ZCarrier / For grab Bar installation
Is currently the only vehicle Tail lamp kit Normal carrier, or SP Wu-River ZCarrier and Grab Bar mounted.
You can change to Led Tail Lamp and into a Stylish Rear around while wearing a carrier and Grab Bar.

■ Characteristics of the LEDMini tail lamp
Square type high intensity High powerLED legged fixed-taillight, brake light superior vibration resistance to adoption. Reduce the number of LED Lamp, Tail lamp Compact has been achieved while maintaining the intensity would be required as a Tail lamp. Number lights located LED TipSIDE light radiating, wide-angle light-emitting by low irradiation of irregularity.

■ Lens type
Transparent CrystalRedInner be NewsTile Red type

Takegawa LED Mini Tail Lamp Kit