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[Color] Silver
[Material] Aluminum
・Flange bolt

*This product is not compatible with SP Takegawa primary type kick starter system complete engine.
*Cannot be installed at the same time as SP Takegawa 3-point crankshaft.The crankshafts to be used are either stock crankshafts or SP Takegawa 2-point crankshafts.
*Depending on the lot, the product may be delivered with the old price and label with the old JAN code before the price change.
*There may be changes in product specifications due to the manufacturer's reasons.

Successor model to 05-02-001SI

The drive sprocket can be replaced without removing the generator cover.
Flange bolts are included.

Beautiful machined aluminum cover cap is adopted for the center cover.
Can be installed on vehicles with stock engines.

SP Takegawa's C.D.I. magnet kit can be installed.

■To make a stock crankshaft or a two-point crankshaft made by SP Takegawa into a three-point crankshaft, select a silver-painted aluminum generator cover with built-in bearings and install a shaft nut (sold separately) on the crankshaft to make it a three-point crankshaft.

Takegawa Silver Ignition Cover 12v

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