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[Corresponding Cylinder Head]
Regular Head
R Stage (Out of Stock Product)/R Stage EM/R Stage+D Head

Included Parts: Insulator for Manifold

It expands the degree of freedom of carburetor position, and correspond to any customized vehicle of CUB series engine because the manifold can adjust the swinging direction.
It can select the position of the carburetor in the range of approximately 80-degrees from the state where the manifold is mounted to the cylinder head.
It is recommended in case of mounted the carburetor in a limited space when installing a remodeled vehicle or characteristics exhaust system to an individual style.

It is used when the included insulator for manifold interferes with the crankcase or cylinder head

Takegawa Multi Manifold Kit (for DENI 18/KEIHIN PC18/PC20)

Out of Stock
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