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It is an oil cooler kit that can be installed by removing the stock air cleaner box and stock connecting tube and installing the SP TAKEGAWA air filter kit that is directly attached to the stock throttle body.
For the oil cooler body, attach the attached oil cooler stay to the space where the stock air cleaner box is removed, and fix it under the frame. This makes it possible to make it the same style as the successive MONKEY CUSTOM.


Oil can be taken out to the oil cooler by attaching the oil cooler unit included in the kit to the oil filter part on the stock clutch cover.
It comes with a dedicated oil filter that can be used even when the oil cooler unit is installed, so you can take out the oil without impairing the oil filter function.
The oil cooler unit has a relief valve mechanism similar to the genuine filter cover, and a neodymium magnet is installed to attract iron powder mixed in the engine oil.


The cooler body adopts compact cool with excellent cooling effect.
By installing an oil cooler, it is possible to suppress the oil temperature rise due to engine bore up. An oil cooler plate and a guard are standard equipment.

■Simultaneous installation with a normal muffler or various mufflers made by SP TAKEGAWA is possible.
■Simultaneous installation with SP TAKEGAWA Steering Damper Set is possible.
■Target product: Air filter kit (for normal throttle body) Black element 03-01-0037 / Red element 03-01-0038


When installing this product, it is necessary to remove the normal air cleaner box and connecting tube, and install the SP TAKEGAWA air filter kit (for normal throttle body).
For the amount of oil, please add 4 fins: about 60cc / 3 fins: about 40cc to the regular oil amount.

Takegawa Oil Cooler Kit (3 fins/slim line hose) 125 Monkey 2021+ (JB03 5 Speed)

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