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A caliper bracket that allows you to attach a brembo opposed 2P caliper (commonly known as a crab) to the Monkey 125.
By installing the opposed 2P caliper made by brembo, it demonstrates powerful stopping power.
Furthermore, this bracket is equipped with our speed sensor mounting part, so it can be mounted without discomfort even when mounted at the same time as the sensor.
The bracket is machined from aluminum alloy (duralumin) to achieve strong strength. The surface is anodized to improve corrosion resistance.
With our laser marking logo.
Includes caliper and sensor mounting bolts.



A separate brembo opposed 2P caliper (20.6951 or 20.B852.10) is required. Also, when using a brembo caliper, you will need to purchase the brake hose (500 mm), banjo bolt (M10 x 1.25 / M10 x 1.0), banjo (side 45 ° / straight), and brake fluid separately.

Takegawa Rear Caliper Bracket Kit Brembo 2Pt 125 Monkey 2018-2021+

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