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This is a "reinforced crankshaft" recommended for vehicles equipped with our high output bore-up kit.
By adopting the X-section connecting rod, high strength and light weight are realized.
As a result, it is a greatly enhanced specification compared to the normal crankshaft, and it
supports high specification engines such as vehicles with high displacement S stage bore up kit 181 cc and vehicles with Super Head 4V + R.



 Adopting X-section connecting rod

Forged material is cut out and adopts X cross section. As well as light weight, sufficient strength is secured, and buckling stress diffusion and torsional rigidity are greatly improved.
The surface is shot finished

 Product configuration

Reinforced crankshaft (57.9mm normal stroke specification)
Ball bearing
crankshaft, wood rough key x 2



 Optional parts

Crankshaft support adapter (patent pending) The crankshaft journal has been changed from three-point support to four-point support to reduce crankshaft run-out that occurs in high speed ranges and further increase the durability of the crankshaft.

When using the normal cylinder and the cylinder of e-Stage bore up kit 143cc, the connecting rod and the cylinder skirt will interfere. Modify the cylinder skirt to avoid it.
Please check the engine specifications before purchasing.

When assembling the crankshaft, if any genuine parts are found to have deteriorated or been damaged, be sure to replace them with new parts.

Takegawa Reinforced Crankshaft 57.9mm MSX / 125 Monkey 2013-2020

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