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This product has a longer length than the normal brake arm, and by changing the arm ratio, you can brake with a lighter force than the normal one.
It is recommended to strengthen the brakes on the vehicle when the maximum speed increases due to bore-up etc.
The strength of the brake arm is increased by forging and molding aluminum alloy. In addition, it is lighter than the normal steel brake arm.
The surface of the brake arm is buffed to enhance the dress-up effect when worn.

■ For Cross Cub (JA10)
Brake arm length: 10mm extension from normal
Brake arm weight: 60% lighter than normal

■ Super Cub 50 Pro / 110 Pro
Brake arm length: 15mm extension from normal

Our company Brake adjust nuts and brake arm joints can be installed at the same time. By installing them at the same time, you can further enhance your custom image.

Takegawa Reinforced Rear Brake Arm Kit C90

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