It is a sports muffler based on a normal style and using a twin tail pipe with a presence at the silencer end. 
You can enjoy the unique exhaust sound quality of the twin tail pipe together with the output improvement of the middle and high revolution area by the sporty exhaust efficiency function. 
The exhaust pipe and twin tail pipe are made of stainless steel with excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. 
Buffing the surface makes the vehicle beautiful. 
, the vehicle can be summarized in a stylish manner by adopting an original protector compactly assembled as a silencer . 

The protector is a black-painted 

exhaust pipe and a gasket is used at the connecting part of the silencer to reduce exhaust leakage and vibration noise. 
Built-in catalyst. 
Exhaust pipe gasket included.



 Government certified muffler

Because you have received a certification test and obtained government certification, you can enjoy the muffler replacement with confidence. 
Close exhaust noise: 87 dB (A)



Takegawa RS Sports Muffler (Black Protector) 125 Monkey