It is a popular light bore up kit for street driving that you can easily assemble by yourself.
88cc Bore diameter 52mm Compression ratio 11.5: 1
Cylinder: H cylinder
Attached camshaft: Sports camshaft



The displacement of the S stage can be increased with the normal cylinder head and crankshaft.
S stage 88cc (standard type) is a high octane gasoline specification.

Super sports camshaft included: A camshaft that pursues the optimum cam profile that maximizes the performance of the normal cylinder head.



 Φ52H cylinder

The bore diameter 52mm
φ52H cylinder has the same design as the original cylinder of the Cub engine.
The cylinder is equipped with a temperature sensor mounting part as standard equipment. You can measure the cylinder temperature by purchasing our meter with built-in thermometer or thermometer.
Φ52H cylinder: M5 temperature sensor 



Takegawa S-Stage kit (C-TYPE/52mm/88cc) for 12V Monkey /Gorilla