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Exhaust pipe: Stainless Steel
Twin Tail pipe: Stainless Steel
Silencer: Steel

[Silencer Color]: Black painted finish
[Noise Volume] Proximity Stationary: 86dB
[Specification] Built-in Catalyzer

Muffler Comp. x 1
Pipe Comp. x 1
Muffler Protector x 1 (00-04-0178)
Protector Rubber x 4 (00-04-0175)
Pan Screw (6x12) x 4 (00-04-0174)
Muffler Gasket (25.4x31.4x25) x 1 (00-04-0131)
Band (32-35mm) x 1 (00-04-0133)
Exhaust Pipe Gasket x 1 (00-01-0107)

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Manual: Japanese

[Online Catalog]
SP Takegawa's Online Catalog (Japanese)

[Product Description]
CL72 style Scrambler Exhaust with original heat protector for enhanced design.

This up-exhaust is based on the CL72 style with a scrambler style motif, and features an original heat protector for a retro look.
When installed, it is possible to completely change the image of the Monkey 125.
In addition, the twin tailpipes on the exhaust enhance the design and the unique sound quality.
SP Takegawa's original exhaust structure and header pipe enable high exhaust efficiency and improved power performance.
Both the header pipe and exhaust are made of stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance. The surface is polished to a beautiful finish.
A gasket is used at the connection between the header pipe and exhaust to reduce exhaust leakage and vibration noise.

■Government certified exhaust
This product has been tested and certified by the Japan government, so you can enjoy replacing your exhaust with peace of mind.

Takegawa Scrambler Exhaust System 125 Monkey 2018-2023+

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