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It is a support that keeps the clearance with the vehicle when installing loading equipment such as SP Takegawa 2WAY multi-bag and prevents getting caught.
By fixing it to the vehicle in two places, it secures rotation prevention and strength.
The vehicle-specific design allows the loading equipment to be firmly attached without destroying the image.


■ We can support up to 5L (W300mm x H220mm x D130mm) bags.
■ Tandem step can be used.
* Allowable load capacity: 2.0kg
* SP Takegawa loading hook cannot be installed at the same time.
* Since normal mount nuts are used for the rear shock upper mount at the mounting location, various SP Takegawa rear shock mount nuts cannot be used.

Takegawa Side Bag Support L (Black) SuperCub C125 (JA48 / JA58)

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