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It is a support that maintains the clearance with the vehicle and prevents entanglement when attaching loading tools such as various SP TAKEGAWA bags to the vehicle.
We have secured the rotation stop and strength by making the fixing point with the vehicle three places.
Steel black paint finish Installed on the left side of the vehicle when riding.




Installation confirmation bag size: Approx. 220 (H) x 270 (W) x 100 (D) mm
Allowable load capacity: 2.0 kg
*Cannot be installed together with SP TAKEGAWA rear cushion mount nut.
■A genuine grab bar or SP TAKEGAWA rear carrier (under development) can be installed at the same time.
■It is recommended to install the SP TAKEGAWA touring bag S or 2WAY multi bag at the same time.

Takegawa Side Bag Support Mount & Bag Honda ST125 Dax 2022+

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