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・GROM (JC92) / MSX GROM (MLHJC92): 1.9H
・Monkey 125 (JB03) / Thai model (MLHJB03): 1.7H

*The slipper clutch kit is designed to reuse the stock friction disc, clutch plate, and clutch spring, 

The slipper clutch slips the clutch and releases the back torque when downshifting rapidly.
This reduces the load on the powertrain system, such as the engine and transmission, and the hopping of the rear tires caused by engine braking.
It is more stable and allows you to concentrate more on riding.

■Structure and specifications of the slipper clutch
A special pressure plate and clutch cam are installed in the clutch section that connects the power between the crankshaft and the transmission.
As a result, the back torque transmitted from the rear wheel is transmitted to the clutch cam, the cam of the pressure plate and the clutch cam are activated, the pressure plate is pushed down to the semi-clutch state, and the back torque is released.
The engine does not need to be removed from the bike during installation, making the work easier.
In combination with SP Takegawa clutch springs (sold separately), it can be used for high-power engines.

Takegawa Slipper Clutch Kit Grom 2021+/ 125 Monkey 2021+ (5 Speed)

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