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Silencer: Steel Heat Resistant Black Painting
Exhaust Pipe: Steel Heat Resistant Black Painting

[Proximity Stationary Noise Volume]
82dB (A)

Japan Government Certified Exhaust System

"NORMALHeat protector" and "Exhaust End" can be installed, "Sports Exhaust" which increases exhaust efficiency without breaking Normal style is Lineup !!

It is the Up Exhaust System of SportsSpec. Which does not destroy the Normal style which made it possible to install NORMALHeat protector and Exhaust End.
SP Takekawa's proprietary Silencer structure and Exhaust pipe enable high exhaust efficiency which is completely different from NORMAL, improving output performance.
Also, the sound quality is also different, it increases the CustomImage of the vehicle.
In the 2-pieces Structure, which takes vibration into consideration, Joint uses Gasket like NORMAL to reduce exhaust leakage and vibration sound.
Like the NORMAL, Silencer Bracket department also has a Rubber mount.

After receiving the certification test and acquiring Japan Government Certificated, we can enjoy exchanging Exhaust System with confidence.

*The Government certified exhaust system is limited to the STD state of the target vehicle

Takegawa Sports Exhaust (STD Look Style) 125 Monkey 2018-2023+

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