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It is an up muffler with sports specifications that does not break the normal style that allows the installation of the normal heat protector.
SP TAKEGAWA's unique silencer structure and exhaust pipe enable high exhaust efficiency that is completely different from normal, improving output performance.
In addition, the sound quality is also different, enhancing the custom image of the vehicle. Both the exhaust pipe and silencer are made of stainless steel.
It has a 2-piece structure that takes vibration into consideration, and the joint uses a gasket like normal to reduce exhaust leakage and vibration noise.
The silencer stay part is also a rubber mount like normal. Gasket included



 Government certified muffler

You can enjoy muffler replacement with peace of mind because it has undergone certification tests and has acquired government certification. 
Proximity exhaust noise: 90 dB(A) or less

*Government certification is limited to normal vehicles.

Takegawa Sports Exhaust System 125 Dax 2022+

£495.00 Regular Price
£450.00Sale Price
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