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Stroke Amount: 125mm
Damping Force Adjustment: 9-stages Adjustment (Body Integrated Type Dial Type)
Damper Bracket/Damper Holder: Aluminum Cut-out Silver Anodized
Frame Bracket: Aluminum Cut-out Silver Anodized
Steering Damper: Aluminum Cut-out Champagne Gold Anodized
[Included Parts]
Damper Holder (with Pillow Ball)
Air Template
Fixing Sensor Bracket for Sensor

MONKEY125 (SP Takekawa-made Big Throttle Body equipped car) Steering Damper Set for

By using a dedicated Steering Damper Bracket and mounting it on a vehicle, it will absorb the swing of the Handlebar and the kickback from the road surface, improving running stability.
Steering Damper Set is a Steering damper kit (Stroke125mm) And Steering Damper Bracket Kit for Quantity:I have set.
Damper Bracket fixed to Front fork adopts 2-pieces structure to hold firmly and improve maintenance performance. DamperBracket and Frame Bracket both cut out aluminum material and apply silver anodized to the surface. Yes.

■ SP Takekawa Steering Damper
By mounting it on a vehicle, it absorbs the swing of the Handlebar and the kickback from the road surface, and improves running stability.
Smooth operation is realized by damping force characteristics and Friction loss reduction, and appropriate dumping can be obtained at high load.
Stroke is set to 125mm. Damping force adjustment is 9 steps adjustment with Body integrated Dial type.
Steering Damper's Shell body has elaborate Cut-out of Aluminum material and Champagne gold Anodized on its surface.

Both Body and Holder are included in the laser marking of SP Takekawa Logo.
Kit comes with AirTemplate Char and Sensor Bracket for fixing Sensor.

* This product is exclusively for vehicles equipped with SP Takekawa's Big Throttle Body Kit.
* It is necessary to remove the normal air cleaner box for installation.

Takegawa Steering Damper Set 125 Monkey

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