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High strength cam chain tensioner that can follow the cam chain and maintain proper tension.

■Comparison between standard tensioner arm and SP Takegawa tensioner arm
The stock tensioner arm is made from a molded plate, which means that the rubber on the end of the push rod is sunk into the plate.
Also, when used for a long period of time with a high power engine, the stock tensioner arm will become severely deformed and the push rod head may be damaged.
In this case, the cam chain is not properly tensioned, which may cause engine trouble.
SP Takegawa's tensioner arm is precision machined from high strength ultra durable aluminum to increase the thickness of the arm body and to increase the contact area with the push rod.
This not only strengthens the tensioner arm, but also reduces the risk of the rubber at the end of the pushrod caving in or breaking, greatly improving the life of the pushrod.
The arm body is made of forged steel with chrome plating and has oil holes to lubricate the moving parts.

■Weight comparison of standard tensioner arm COMP. and SP Takegawa tensioner arm COMP. (excluding roller and shim ring)
The standard tensioner arm COMP. weighs about 37g, while the SP Takegawa tensioner arm COMP. weighs about 28g, which is about 24% lighter.

Takegawa Super Cam Chain Tensioner Z50/CRF50

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