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It is a multimeter equipped with a great many functions such as speed, rotation speed, gear position, thermometer, fuel gauge, time, battery voltage display, tire outer diameter correction, power test function, etc.

Uses a pointer-type tachometer with excellent visibility and a digital display using a TFT liquid crystal display.



■ Speedometer 0-360km / h
Speed ​​setting (setting range 300-2500mm setting unit 1mm)
Speed ​​warning light (setting range 30-360km / h setting unit 1km / h) 
Maximum speed record (display range 0-360km / h setting unit 1km / h)

■ Pointer type tachometer 0 to 13000rpm
Rotation speed warning light (setting range: 1000 to 13000rpm setting unit: 100rpm)
■ Digital tachometer 0 to 20000rpm
rotation speed warning light (setting range: 1000 to 20000rpm setting unit: 100rpm) )
Ignition setting (setting range 0.5 ・ 1 to 24 setting range Hi Act ・ Lo Act)

It is displayed on the opening screen when the key is turned on by setting the calendar / month / day / day . 
The day of the week is automatically entered when the year and month are set.



 Odo / Trip meter ・ Maintenance mileage ・ Gear position

■ Odometer 0 to 999999km
(Display unit: Returns to 0 when the range is exceeded)
Total mileage
User odometer setting ( Start point distance arbitrary input)

■ Trip meters A, B 0 to 9999.9km
(Display unit: Exceeds the 0.1km range) and 0 to return)
by an external switch operation, switch the display to the trip meter B

■ oil exchange time warning
mileage you enter, it will be reduced automatically by running.
Maintenance distance (notification mode)
(setting range: 500 to 16000km setting unit: 100km)

■ Gear position
(display content: all gears displayed, all gears hidden)
Gear number registration function by learning mode



 Clock, voltmeter, thermometer, fuel gauge

■ Clock / day of the week
(setting range: 12 hours or 24 hours) The
day of the week is automatically entered when the year and month are set.

■ Voltmeter
(Display range: 8-18V)
Voltage warning light (Setting range 8-18V Setting unit: 0.1V)

■ Thermometer (Display range: 0-250 ℃) By
purchasing SP Takegawa drain bolt separately , The temperature can be measured at the drain bolt.
Temperature warning light (setting range: 60 to 250 ° C)
Maximum temperature recording (setting range: 0 to 250 ° C)

■ Fuel gauge (display range: 6 levels)
Fuel sensor resistance value preset
100Ω 250Ω 270Ω 390Ω 510Ω 1200Ω
User resistance value setting resistance Value range: 0 to 1500Ω
Fuel warning light



 Air-fuel ratio meter, power test function, indicator lamp, external switch

■ Air-fuel ratio meter (display range: 12.1 to 17.5)
Separate SP Takegawa O2 sensor and O2 sensor boss are required.
How to install the O2 sensor boss: It is necessary to make a hole in the exhaust pipe and fix the O2 sensor boss by welding.
The thermometer and air-fuel ratio meter cannot be displayed at the same time.
The function display can be switched depending on the sensor attached.

■ Power test function
Target speed record (Target Speed)
Target distance record (Target Distance)
Top speed record (Top Speed)
Each record is displayed as a record. The highest record is displayed at the top, and the No. 2 and below are displayed in the order of measurement. The record can be reset.
For the target speed / distance setting, set the specified value in the function settings.

■ Indicator lamp
Warning light / Turn lamp / High beam lamp
Neutral lamp / Engine warning light
Oil check lamp / ABS lamp

■ External switch
All meter operations and function settings use the external switch attached to the meter.




■ Backlight
Day / Night mode LCD screen AUTO switching function
Brightness adjustment function
Lighting color switching function
Lighting color: White, red, orange, green, blue, yellow
Day mode can change only pointer type tacometer scale
Night mode is pointer The formula tacometer scale and the gradation part of the main LCD can be changed.




It cannot be installed with HID, LED headlights made by other companies, or fog lamps at the same time.
Some ballasts / inverters (voltage converters) generate high-voltage noise that adversely affects digital circuits, causing product failure or malfunction.
Regarding the setting of the gear position To set the gear position, both the speed signal and the engine rotation signal must be input to the Super Multi TFT meter.
Therefore, automatic reading work by "actual driving" is required. Please do not set the gear position because there are many traffic lights and traffic in the city and it is dangerous.
When driving, select a road with good visibility, check the surrounding road conditions, and be careful.

Takegawa Super Multi TFT Meter MSX 2013-2020

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