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■With relief valve function
■With SP Takegawa logo

*R. Crankcase cover gasket is not included.Please purchase separately as it is required for replacement.
*The shape of the R. crankcase cover gasket and the stock part number differ depending on the vehicle.Please check the vehicle before purchasing.
*There may be changes in product specifications due to the manufacturer's reasons.
*Depending on the lot, the product may be delivered with the old price and label with the old JAN code before the price change.

Super Oil Pump Kit that adopts a relief valve function in the pump in request of the optimum oil discharge volume
Since the oil pump driven gear is an assembly product with an integrated oil pump driven gear, it can be easily installed by simply replacing it with a stock one!!!

■Easy installation by simply replacing the OEM pump
Necessary parts such as oil pump gears are pre-installed

■Improved cooling and lubrication efficiency at low RPM
Large-capacity pump (50% larger than stock)

■Reduce power loss at high rpm
Relief valve controls pressure

Trochoid rotor and body shape thickness are designed to achieve proper discharge volume.
The oil pump plate is thicker to increase the strength of the oil pump.
Increasing the number of plate coupling bolts reduces oil leakage due to hydraulic pressure.

SP Takegawa uses approximately 50% more oil than stock to ensure that the amount of oil pumped to each part of the engine, oil pressure, and oil level in each part is appropriate.
Circulation of the proper amount of oil reduces the burden on parts in the drive unit, improves cooling performance, and secures the oil film on lubricated parts.
Furthermore, by incorporating a relief valve function in the oil pump body, hydraulic pressure can be controlled, reducing the burden on the engine caused by increased hydraulic pressure and ensuring stable oil circulation.

■Test results when oil pump discharges too much
If the discharge is increased too much from the test results, the amount of oil discharged by the oil pump will be greater than the amount of oil returned to the crankcase.
This identified a danger of the oil level dropping too low at high RPM, resulting in an air bite condition.

■SP Takegawa products do not require diversion of parts from the stock oil pump, disassembly, or assembly work because the oil pump driven gear is incorporated in the assembly.
Since this product is an assembly product that includes the oil pump driven gear and fixing pin, it can be easily installed by simply replacing the stock oil pump without the need for diversion, disassembly, or assembly work from the stock oil pump.
Also, there is no need to reuse stock parts or check for wear and tear, and new parts can be used for recombination.

■Increased thickness of the oil pump plate and number of bolts to connect the plate to the body
If the discharge volume is increased from the stock oil pump and the oil pressure is raised, oil leaks occur between the oil pump body and oil pump plate at high RPM, and the proper discharge volume cannot be circulated.
SP Takegawa's super oil pumps have an increased number of bolts to ensure stable oil pressure even at high RPM.(Number of bolts: 1 stock, 5 from Takekawa)
Also, by increasing the plate thickness, rigidity is increased and oil leakage at high RPM is eliminated.

■Adoption of relief valve function that enables hydraulic control and maintains proper oil quantity and oil level Patent pending
SP Takegawa's super oil pump increases the discharge volume by 50% compared to the stock pump, and has a relief valve function that opens only when a certain oil pressure is reached in the oil line to secure oil pressure during unstable idling and to cope with changes in oil pressure as the rpm increases.
This suppresses excessive hydraulic pressure rise during cold run-up and prevents damage to the drive and seals.
Furthermore, when the engine is running at high RPM, it does not discharge more oil than necessary, reducing power loss and stabilizing the oil level.

Takegawa Super Oil Pump Kit Grom 2021+, 125 Monkey 2021+ (5Speed)

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