Starter motor which performs high power conversion corresponding to Bore Up Kit equipped car and reduces burden on Battery

■ Details
SP Starter motor compatible with Takekawa Bore Up Kit.
Torque can be upgraded to the Large width and even if the Bore up engine's high compression and large diameter Piston, Engine start can be done to Smooth.
Starting the Bore up engine with NORMAL STARTER MOTOR still keeps Torque short, the operation time of the Starter motor increases, and the burden on Motor and Battery increases.
This product starts engine with Large Torque and shortens the operation time of Starter motor, thereby reducing the burden on Battery.

■ Adopt powerful magnets
With Super Starter adopting a magnet that generates powerful magnetic force, we realized High power without compromising MotorSize size, making Compact possible.
Because it is the same size as NORMAL etc., it is possible to install it like NORMAL even among the crowded parts of the periphery of Starter motor.
We have Black Painting on the Super Starter's Shell body, and we have Laser marking.

■ Use with Camshaft with Decompression function is recommended.
When used in conjunction with SP Mukawa's Decompression function-added Camshaft, a faster Engine start becomes possible and the burden on Battery is further reduced.

*Please do not use batteries with low voltage. There is a possibility that it requires electricity for the injector will not flow and start up particularly when mounting on an FI vehicle.

Takegawa Super Starter KLX110