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Z Style (Type 2) exhaust is an all-arounder type exhaust which can handle all sorts of engines; from OEM to zoomed up ones.
It has improved its exhaust efficiency to raise its power output at high rotation range. And to do so, it has enlarged the size of its exhaust pipe compared to that of conventional Z Style products, and adopted straight structure for its silencer.
Also, by making the silencer longer than conventional products, it can produce quiet sound just like the sound of down-type exhaust.
The silencer end is finished with buff polishing, to improve its rearview image. It can mound OEM heat guard, and can keep the original vehicle style.

Z Style Exhaust (Type 2) deals with zoom up vehicles for race, and can draw out power of vehicles with large engine displacement volume or SP TAKEGAWA High Quality Cylinder Head.
You can enjoy its light racing sound. Also, it enables the use of high rotation range to draw out further power output.

Takegawa Z Style Exhaust System (Type2) Z50

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