Without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated new bikes for 2018 has been the Honda Monkey. Using the platform of the best-selling Grom, Honda added in a slew of cool new retro styled fun and the Monkey is sure to bring miles of smiles.


For Yoshimura, getting the details right on the Monkey fitment was critical. Enter the custom developed pint-sized RS-3 featuring a custom hard anodized cap with titanium tip, a special inner core baffle and an integrated heat shield, all designed to deliver style, performance, tone and fun! Available in the option of both slip-on or full system where performance is boosted with max bhp up 7.3% as well as max torque up 3.1% and a weight saving of up to 2.5kg. Finally the sound had to be fitting for the new two-wheeled primate and the improvement over the stock exhaust the Yoshimura produces is remarkable.


The Race Proven RS-3 Yoshimura Race System comes with an oval muffler with single turn-down oval machined aluminum end-cap and a straight baffle for ample flow. It dramatically improves your bike's visual appearance.

Produces more power, more torque and saves weight. All parts required for fitment are included (brackets/fittings/link pipe etc.) with full fitting instructions. Developed to fit without fuel modification, and to give the unique Yoshimura racing sound.

Oval-shaped sleeve | Large volume of packing material | Straight baffle for ample flow | Single turn-down machined aluminum end-cap | Stainless steel header and tail-pipe | Repack Kits, optional Inserts are available for all models

Yoshimura RS-3 Full Race System, Stainless with Titanium End Cap 2018-2021+

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£740.00Sale Price