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Rear carrier type 2 with improved loading capacity

・Changed the top plate from aluminum to steel

・Size expanded to 210mm x 280mm

・Maximum load capacity changed from 3kg to 5kg

・Improved loadability by adding hook points and belt loops

・Can be installed together with G-Craft fender elimination kit
*We do not answer whether it can be installed together with other company's fender elimination kit.

・Improved loading efficiency by eliminating the folded front part of the carrier (allowing for loading that straddles the sheet and carrier)

・Since the rear end of the stay has a slit, it is possible to attach a drive recorder and wearable device.

*The product version has a laser marking of the "Gcraft" logo on the top plate.

[Vehicle type] Monkey 125 (JB02, JB03)
[Material] Steel

GCraft Rear Carrier Type 2 (31500) 125 Monkey 2018-2022+

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