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A complete KIT that includes a high-comp piston that can increase output with 125cc, a high cam shaft, and I-MAP that controls the fuel injection amount. You can squeeze out power that is incomparable to normal.
It is necessary to replace the muffler separately in order to demonstrate stable performance.
In addition, a high-comp piston KIT that includes only a piston and gasket is also available.


○ Bore diameter: φ52.4
○ Piston: Forged specification ・ Molybdenum coat finish
○ Compression ratio: 12.2: 1 (normal 9.3: 1)
○ Lead-free premium gasoline specification
* Normal muffler and normal camshaft cannot be used
* Decompression on the attached camshaft There is no function.

Kitaco 125cc Power Pack MSX 2013-2015

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