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The essentials for high-tuned engines, including bore-up. A high-revving, high-performance engine generates a huge amount of heat at the expense of overheating, seizure, etc., so that an oil cooler is recommended.
The Super Oil Cooler KIT (5-stage core) boasts the same heat dissipation as a 400cc class oil cooler, and exhibits stable engine performance even under severe conditions such as racing and under the scorching sun.
-A type with a compact style oil catch tank is also available.
● A stay for exclusive use of car model is attached. Bolt-on installation is possible.
● The oil cooler uses a union bolt with a high degree of freedom in hose routing. The union bolts are already color anodized.
● Condenser oil capacity 150cc (5-stage core) 75cc (3-stage core)


○ 3-stage core condenser
○ The outlet is our 181cc cylinder or clutch cover KIT.
 (Normal, our 133cc cylinder does not have an oil cooler outlet.)
○ Sensor extension harness included
* Normal air cleaner cannot be used (UNI filter KIT is required separately.)

Kitaco Super Oil Cooler Kit 125 Monkey 2018-2020

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