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Opmid Doctor speed vehicle speed signal correction unit

Monkey 125 (STD / ABS)


Doctor speed Vehicle speed signal correction unit

A device that corrects the deviation of the display speed of the speedometer.
On a motorcycle that receives the vehicle speed signal from the transmission, the speed will change when the sprocket is replaced or the tire size is changed.
In addition, even in a completely normal car, the genuine meter is set to display 5-10% more speed (depending on the car model), so it is not possible to know the exact speed.
With this product, the pulse signal from the vehicle speed sensor can be precisely corrected in 0.1% units and sent to the meter.
In addition, as an additional function, it is also equipped with a function that is useful for recording the maximum speed, saving two types of correction values, and canceling the speed limiter on large vehicles.


  • The 32-bit microcomputer corrects the vehicle speed signal accurately at high speed.
    Setting range: 50.0% to 199.0% (0.1% unit)
  • Maximum speed is automatically saved. You can check the maximum speed later on the meter.
    *When using this function, it is necessary to install the main unit in a position where you can press the button.
  • Two types of correction values ​​are prepared in advance according to the number of teeth of the sprocket used for street and circuit, and can be switched with a simple operation.
  • Equipped with an output limit (upper limit frequency) function that keeps the vehicle speed signal constant when the speed exceeds the specified speed. For speed limiters in large vehicles etc., by stopping the vehicle speed signal before the speed applied by the limiter, the signal to the ECU can be disguised and the limiter can be released.
    *The speedometer will also stop. *Prohibition of use on public roads.
  • The waterproof design of the main body is equivalent to IP67. (Because it is a dust-proof type, dust does not enter inside. Even if it is immersed in water at the specified pressure and time, it will not be harmfully affected.)


Compact and sturdy body

Highly durable and water resistant (equivalent to IP67) design.
A main unit with a strong structure that does not worry about damage due to rain, strong vibration, or pressure.
It's an eraser size so you don't have to worry about the storage space.
Body size:


Pursuit of operability

Equipped with a small 7-segment monitor beside the operation button for setting.
You can check the information numerically.


Dedicated wiring for each vehicle type

Wiring dedicated to each model is designed as coupler-on as much as possible.
It can be installed without hesitation.


Useful additional functions

High-speed recording, saving of two types of correction values, output limit function and other additional functions are also available.

Opmid Dr.Speed Speedo Healer MSX / 125 Monkey

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