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OPMID M1204 Multi Meter DASH (Plug-n-Play) - Honda Monkey 125


  • Speedometer: ~ 199km / h (124MPH)
    Speed ​​warning light, with maximum speed record
    F / R sprocket replacement and correction when changing tire size * 1
  • Odometer: ~ 99999km (99999 mile) With
    user odometer function that can start from any value
  • Trip meter A / B: ~ 9999.9km (9999.9 mile)
  • Oil change rangefinder: 500-6000km (setting unit 500km) (300-3900mile)
    subtraction type, minus display when it is 0km or less.
  • Clock: 12 hours display
  • Running time (running time meter): ~ 99 hours 59 minutes (1 minute unit), 100 hours ~ (1 hour unit)
  • Hour meter (engine operating time meter): ~ 99 hours 59 minutes (1 minute unit), 100 hours ~ (1 hour unit)
  • Engine temperature clock: -10 to 180 ° C (14 to 356 ° F) * 2 With
    high temperature warning light
  • Voltmeter: 8V-18V
  • Tachometer: ~ 10000 or ~ 13000rpm with
    display range switching function (10000rpm for normal engine, 13000rpm for modified cars), with high rpm record
  • Shift indicator
    Lights in three stages: green → red → green & red (both blinking). Each rotation speed can be set arbitrarily.
  • Gear position * 3
    Corresponding to change of reduction ratio when using cross mission outside the company (maximum 6th speed)
  • Fuel gauge: 6 stages
  • Opening display: Select from 2 types
  • Body size: W128mm x H98mm x D52mm
  • Stable operating voltage: DC10-16V



* 1) Please note the following for vehicles with ABS.
Since the vehicle speed sensor for the meter in the crankcase is also used for the rear wheels of the ABS device, if the rotation difference between the front wheels and the rear wheels due to changing the sprocket is out of the allowable range, an error (warning lamp blinks) will occur. ABS does not work.
The speed correction function provided in the multimeter is a correction inside the meter, so it is not a countermeasure for errors issued by the ABS device (modulator).
If you replace the sprocket on a car with ABS, you will need a device that corrects the signal at the vehicle speed sensor ( such as our doctor speed ).


* 2) Displays the measured value of the genuine temperature sensor. The displayed value is the same as the output value to the OBD2 tool.
A genuine temperature sensor is attached to the passage where the oil that has become hot in the cylinder head returns to the crankcase. Since it is measured at the hottest point, it always means a value higher than the average temperature of the whole oil and the drain bolt temperature at the bottom.
When the vehicle is stopped (during idling) where the running wind does not hit and the amount of oil circulation decreases, or when running on a steep uphill at high speed or low speed, the calorific value> cooling power, and the value of the genuine temperature sensor close to the combustion part is It will start to rise soon.
In addition, the CT125 has an average engine temperature of about 15 ° C higher than that of the Monkey 125 due to the fact that the total amount of oil is about 20% less and the frictional heat of the centrifugal clutch.
Reference value) Temperature around 20 ℃ ・ Normal engine
Monkey 125:
110-115 ℃ while driving, 120-125 ℃ while stopped CT125: 125-130 ℃ while driving, 135-140 ℃ while stopped
“Stopped” for several minutes It is the value of waiting for the signal of, and it rises as it stops for a long time.


* 3) Mechanism of the retrofit calculation type gear position function.

The basic mechanism is that the meter calculates the reduction ratio from the ratio of the speed signal and the engine speed signal, and selects and displays the number of gears based on that.
As a mechanical drawback, when the clutch is disengaged or during the half-clutch, the relationship between the speed signal and the engine speed signal is not fixed, so it is not possible to determine the correct gear.
Please note that the genuine gear position, which is installed in large vehicles from the beginning, has a switch sensor with contacts for each gear on the shift drum part, and the linear feeling is inferior to that. In the case of Monkey 125, since it is only a manual clutch, the accurate gear can be displayed immediately by releasing the clutch lever, but for example, while running at full throttle in 2nd speed, hold the clutch and release the accelerator to coast (slow speed) However, if the engine speed drops at once), the calculated gear ratio will change from 3rd gear equivalent to 4th gear equivalent even though it is actually in 2nd gear.As an auxiliary function to reduce erroneous display as much as possible, this product is equipped with a function to read the on / off signal of the clutch switch and fix the display gear while holding the clutch to alleviate the discomfort.

Opmid M1204 Multi Meter DASH (Plug-n-Play) - Honda Monkey 125 / CT125 / 125 Dax

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£225.00Sale Price
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