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The kit consists of a big throttle body kit for Super Head 4V + R, an air filter kit for big throttle body, and a sensor steak.

The performance of our super head 4V + R head is maximized to achieve high output.
You can enjoy the characteristics of the engine that rotates without stress up to the high rpm range.
Big Throttle Body Bore Diameter:
Φ34 Air Filter Kit (for Big Throttle Body): High suction efficiency can be obtained by increasing the surface area. With blow-by union




Only for vehicles equipped with our Super Head 4V + R Bore Up Kit 181cc.
A large-capacity injector (G-2) (05-04-0044) is required when installing on the Super Head 4V + R Bore Up Kit 181cc.

Takegawa 34mm Big Throttle Body Kit (With Filter) (SH4V +R) 125 Monkey

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