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This product is an air filter kit that can be attached directly to the normal throttle body by removing the normal air cleaner box.
* For cars equipped

with down mufflers By attaching our down muffler to a normal engine car and attaching this product, it is possible to increase the output in the higher rotation range than when replacing the muffler.
Based on the test data, the kit comes with a connecting tube for the normal throttle body that calculates the appropriate length and positional relationship without affecting the inhalation effect.

Since the air filter body has a blow-by union, it can be connected to the blow-by hose using the supplied union or hose.
The kit includes a sensor stay that can fix the sensor installed in the normal air cleaner box.

Can be installed simultaneously with our R. side cover and oil catch tank kit.

 Installation of our oil cooler kit to fix the oil cooler body to the frame is possible.

By installing this product, you can remove the normal air cleaner box, so you can install our oil cooler kit that fixes the oil cooler body to the frame.
To install this oil cooler kit, an oil outlet is required, so it is necessary to install our S-stage bore up kit 181cc or our special clutch cover at the same time.

For cars with S stage, use the oil outlet on the cylinder. For special clutch covers, use the oil outlet on the cover.
The configuration and part number of our oil cooler kit vary depending on the oil outlet.
For the oil cooler kit lineup, see the WEB SITE catalog (oil cooler page).


Normal muffler and our up muffler (sport muffler / RS sport muffler) cannot be installed at the same time.
For cars with down muffler.

When installing together with various engine parts made by our company, it is necessary to set with FI TYPE-e or TYPE-X.
Please refer to the instruction manual of this product number on the WEB SITE for the combination of various engine parts and air filter kits and separately purchased parts.

Takegawa Air Filter Kit (For STD Throttle Body) 125 Monkey 2018-2020

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