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Big Throttle Body Bore Diameter: φ34
with STD Head Exclusive Inlet Pipe

SP Big Throttle Body Kit for Sports Camshaft · High Piston · eStage 143cc · SStage 181cc equipped car with SP Mukawa.

■ Details
For Kit configuration, Air filter kit for Big Throttle Body, SensorBracket Kit is attached to Big Throttle Body Kit for Normal cylinder head.

Normal cylinder head performance is drawn out to the maximum Large limit, realizing high output.
You can enjoy the Engine characteristics that turns without Stress until high revolution range.
Air filter kit (For Big Throttle Body):Increase in surface area Large inhalation efficiency can be obtained.with Blowby Union
Big Throttle Body included kit includes Fuel injector ASSY. (00-00-0487) Is attached.

*It will be exclusive to SP mounted camshaft, high-compression piston e stage 143cc/S stage 181cc by SP TAKEGAWA.It can not be used for STD engines.

Takegawa Big Throttle Body Kit 125 Monkey

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