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By adopting a wide size with a large contact surface between the step and the sole, the feeling of holding while riding is enhanced.
Also, as a non-slip, you can enjoy comfortable riding by stabilizing the foot position by arranging many claws on the step body and inner step.
The step body and inner step are made by cutting aluminum material boldly and anodizing the surface.



 Rubber step specifications

■Rubber step specifications can be obtained by purchasing designated HONDA genuine parts separately. This product can be attached with the designated HONDA genuine parts rubber and plate by removing the inner step. Steps can be customized according to the usage such as trekking style or city riding style.
■ Rubber, step 50661-K87-A00 2 pieces
■ Plate, step rubber setting 50662-K87-A00 2 pieces



Takegawa Billet Wide Step Kit (Silver) MSX / 125 Monkey 2013-2020

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