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It is possible to suppress the rise in oil temperature due to the increase in engine exhaust.
The cooler body uses Compact Cool AW, which has an excellent cooling effect.
The compact cool AW body is equipped with an oil cooler plate and guard as standard equipment.
The cooler body of this product is a 3-fin 4-oil line.

Attach the cooler body to the shroud stay included in the air filter kit or the big throttle body (air filter included) kit.

For the oil outlet, use the oil outlet on our special clutch cover.


This oil cooler kit is intended for vehicles equipped with our air filter kit and special clutch cover at the same time.

For the amount of oil, add 3 fins: 40cc / 4 fins: 60cc to the specified oil amount.

Takegawa Oil Cooler Kit 3FIN / Air Filter Kit / SPL Clutch Cover MSX 2013-2020

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