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This is an oil cooler kit for cars equipped with our S stage bore up kit. The rise in oil temperature due to the increased engine displacement can be suppressed. 
The cooler body uses a compact cool AW with excellent cooling effect. 
The compact cool AW body comes standard with an oil cooler plate and guard. 
The cooler body of this product is a 3 fin 4 oil line. 

Attach the oil cooler body to the tappet cap cover under the cylinder head by attaching a special stay to secure the oil cooler body. 

The oil outlet uses the oil outlet boss on the cylinder of our bore up kit or the oil outlet on our special clutch cover. 

A rubber mount with excellent anti-vibration properties is used for the fixed part of the oil cooler body and oil cooler stay. 
The attached aluminum oil cooler stay and collar are anodized. 

Can be used in combination with our low-down top bolts. 
Can be installed simultaneously with our machined aluminum tappet cover.


This oil cooler kit is subject to one of the following specifications. 
Equipped with our bore up kit (with oil outlet boss) 
e stage / S stage 
Equipped with our special clutch cover 

Oil quantity is usually 3 fins: 40cc / 4 fins: add 60cc to the specified oil quantity. 
For normal cylinder head. 

It cannot be mounted on the bore up cylinder of our e-stage bore up kit (without oil outlet boss).

Takegawa Compact Oil Cooler Kit (3-FIN/Slim Line) MSX / 125 Monkey

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