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A convenient "front carrier" that can load sleeping bags, rain gear, etc. and comes with a rubber rope.


You can load the necessary rain gear, sleeping bags, etc. for touring and bags used when commuting to work or school.
It can be easily installed without the need for processing.
The surface treatment is black paint, which is very strong.
rubber rope included


Various meter kits (multimeter/tachometer) for SP TAKEGAWA MONKEY 125, headlight guards, headlight stays, and steering stem emblem kits can be installed at the same time.


Load weight: 1.0kg or less
*It cannot be installed together with the SP TAKEGAWA MONKEY 125 meter visor kit and general-purpose screen kit (handle clamp type).

Takegawa Front Carrier Kit (Black Paint) 125 Monkey 2018-2022+

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