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By using fog lamps, it is possible to supplement the parts that cannot be illuminated by the headlights in heavy fog or heavy rain, and improve visibility during driving and safety during night driving.
In addition, the high brightness enhances the presence of the vehicle at night, making it easier for other riders and vehicles to recognize it, which also contributes to accident prevention measures.
The irradiation range is a well-balanced combination of spot irradiation and flat irradiation to make up for areas that cannot be illuminated by headlights.
This product does not require vehicle cowl processing or wiring processing, and fog lamps can be easily installed using the components of the kit.
There is a hosta mounting process on the fog lamp side.
The fork clamp holder has a machined aluminum alumite finish, and the fog lamp stay has an aluminum die-cast barrel polished finish (with our logo).


 High-brightness LED chip adopted

The LED chip achieves low power consumption (about 6.5W) while having extremely high brightness, and can be used even in vehicles with a small displacement, such as small displacement vehicles, where the amount of power generation is not very large.

Can be installed at the same time as our compact LED thermometer

Takegawa LED Fog Lamp Kit 950 MSX/125 Monkey/Grom 2013-2021+

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