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The normal centrifugal oil filter of GROM / MSX125 is very heavy, burdening the crankshaft. 
By attaching this product, it is possible to reduce the weight to less than half, and it is possible to reduce the burden on the crankshaft. 
This makes it possible to improve engine response. 
Our company's lightweight oil filter rotor has oil filter function like the normal centrifugal oil filter. 
Since our company adopts the pocket shape in the centrifugal filter part with the oil filter function, it can catch the sludge etc. contained in the oil driven to the outside by the centrifugal force. 
The centrifugal filter section is cutting out lightweight aluminum alloy material and making it.



 weight comparison ※ bolt weight is excluded

Normal About 1069 g 
Our company Approximately 401 g 

Approximately 60% light weight!



Takegawa Light Weight Oil Filter Rotor MSX & 125 Monkey 2013-2020

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