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BREMBO 2P Caliper Pitch 84mm
Bracket: Aluminum Cut-out
Surface: Anodized
It is a bracket kit which enables installation of brembo Opposed 2P Caliper to OEM Rear Disc Rotor.
By installing brembo Opposed 2P Caliper, it will have powerful stopping power.
You can make the wheel area of the vehicle more stylish by installing brembo Opposed 2P Caliper and SP TAKEGAWA Aluminum Machined Rear Caliper Bracket.
Furthermore, this bracket has installation part for SP TAKEGAWA Speed Sensor.
Machined aluminum bracket is finished with anodized aluminum.
It is applicable to OEM Rear Brake Hose and SP TAKEGAWA Rear Break Mesh Hose. * You will need to separately purchase brembo Opposed 2P Caliper (20-6951).
* You will need to exchange the banjo bolt.

Takegawa Brembo 2P Rear Caliper Bracket Kit MSX 2013-2020

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