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It corresponds to STD Wheel, SP TAKEGAWA 8-inches, 10-inches. ■ The hub kit for rear drum brake adopted a mass damper rubber.
It lightens the impact from the road or the torque generated from the engine at the time of acceleration and deceleration.
It protects the parts leading to engine, transmission or wheels, etc.
It exhibits an effect on not only genuine engine but also high-powered engine.
As for the drum hub and damper hub, aluminum die cast which has an excellent rigidity is adopted.
The drum hub produces the normal style by silver coating.
As for the damper rubber, the one which has a good shock absorbility and an excellent durability with less wear.
It corresponds to genuine wheels and 8 inch, 1 inch and 12 inch aluminum wheels manufactured by SP TAKEGAWA. Any wheel size can be mounted in a similar manner with the genuine drum hub.

Takegawa Rear Drum Damper Hub Kit Z50J/Gorilla

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