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Forged Aluminum from STD to 27mm Extension

30% Lighter then standard !!

It will change the lever ratio by making it 27mm longer than the OEM brake arm. By this, you can apply the brake with relatively light force.
Also, since a cable adapter is included in the kit, the brake cable will not be positioned diagonally even if the brake arm is extended. It is recommended for vehicles whose maximum speed has been raised through changes such as big bore customization.

Length of the brake arm when installed: 27mm longer than original
Brake arm has been made rigid by adopting forged aluminum alloy. Also it has become lighter compared to OEM part by adopting steel for the material of brake arm.

Weight of brake arm: Has become 30% lighter than original
The surface of the brake arm is buff polished to enhance its stylish image when installed. Cable adjuster is made of machined aluminum and has silver anodized finishing on its surface.

Takegawa Reinforced Brake Arm Kit (for Front) C90

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